Enter The Woolf’s Kitchen to discover wildly delicious flavour


Inspired by Thai roots and made in London, we believe that every bite should be a taste adventure.


Feisty, spicy, sweet, tangy sauces to pimp your prawns, big up your burritos and kick your stir-fry in the noodles.

Our Thai auntie Dang has a lot to answer for. We based our Tamarind Ketchup on her legendary recipe - and the rest is history.


Sticky, spicy, smoky, sweet nuts straight out of The Woolf’s Kitchen

Thai people are nuts for nuts, from noodle dishes and curries to bar snacks and street food. Inspired by our Thai roots, we’ve created the perfect snack for flavour hunters like us, who believe that every day is a chance to devour something delicious.


Latest posts

  • Pumpkin Dahl

    by Dominique Woolf

    In keeping with the spooky season, we thought we would share our brand new heart-warming, autumnal, Pumpkin Dahl dish. I’m sure you’re all familiar with a ‘No Waste’ pumpkin soup after Halloween – it’s a …

  • These four are an absolute must to any flavour hunters on the prowl for an explosion of taste.  From our hot, aromatic Firecracker Paste to our brand new spicy, sticky Umami Bang – The Fiery Four …

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