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Our saucy story

Being half Thai, I love big, bold flavour. I’ll never forget the unlabelled jars of sweet, spicy, fresh sauces my Thai auntie would whip up and pour on just about everything. So simple. So ridiculously good.  

And then there were the snacks, nuts in particular, that Thai people eat with everything. Dried, roasted in giant woks on the side of the road, caramelised and doused with every imaginable spice. 

So I put on my (Leiths’ trained) chef’s hat on and threw myself headfirst into the Woolf’s Kitchen. 

What came out was a range of sauces and snacks for flavour hunters like me who insist that every meal or snack be an adventure.

Not only am I influenced by my Thai heritage, but I’ve also brought in big flavours from other cultures too. Inspired by my travels to Mexico, India and beyond. ­­Fierce, feisty and never a dull mouthful, I think you’ll love them. Join the Woolf pack!

Dominique Woolf xx

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